Take up your spot and help us secure liberty, abolish tyranny and build a positive future. Join hundreds of American pastors in signing the Gideon’s 300 Pledge.

The Pledge

Gideon’s 300 Pledge Preamble

  • Whereas Liberty being sacred, is the Gift of God, bestowed by Jesus Christ upon His Church, the “bride of Christ; and
  • Whereas Liberty being sacred is the Church’s sacred trust; and
  • Whereas the Church as the “light of the world” and “salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13-16) is sole curator, trustee, or steward of the civil society and keeper of the Blessings of Liberty; and 
  • Whereas the “children of disobedience” being actuated by “the prince of the power of the air” (Eph. 2:2-3) are incapable of understanding, much less securing the Blessings of Liberty; and
  • Whereas temporal governance in the hands of the children of disobedience inevitably devolves into absolute despotism; and
  • Whereas my sacred duty to secure the Blessings of Liberty to my own generation extends to Posterity; and 
  • Whereas the temporal state of my flock is as much my concern as their eternal state.

Gideon’s 300 Pledge

I will, with the help of God,

  • Not separate my role as a shepherd from matters that have a direct bearing on the temporal or eternal welfare of my flock, nor my role as their shepherd from the deliberations and actions of Civil Government.
  • Preach the “whole counsel of God,” including a minimum of one election sermon in advance of upcoming elections.
  • Instill in my flock a biblical worldview by teaching all the principles in Holy Scripture, including those that pertain to proper government and Godly citizenship.
  • Teach my flock that voting in every election for the godliest candidate(s) is a sacred duty incumbent upon every individual professing faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Adjure Every member of voting age within my flock to register and turn out to vote in every election.
  • Provide ample opportunities for every member of voting age within my flock to register to vote by published registration deadlines.
  • Seek to partner with fellow pastors in my local community to establish and maintain a culture of Liberty within our local churches and within our local community.

Be Brave. Speak Truth.